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Simply enjoy your coffee without considering all the technical problems your coffee machine brings!

We provide maintenance and troubleshoot services for your coffee machine at a reasonable price. Specializing in fully automated coffee machines, we know if it is worth for you to repair the machine or is it more worth it to just replace your coffee machine. All of our pricing is transparent prior to the service to ensure that you get the most accurate advice from us.

For Pitti Caffe Asia customers do feel free to contact us if you would require our maintenance service! We provide extended maintenance servicing at yearly basis to ensure that you get the extra help. Package are customised based on your office needs so that you can just get more coffee and leave the rest to us. Simply contact your account manager for more details!

1. Call

Give us a call to book a slot

2. Drop

Drop us the machine at Pitti Caffe showroom

3. Technical repair

Our technical team will review the machine

4. Payment

We will quote you based on troubleshoot service and spare parts required

5. Confirmation

Upon confirmation, we will proceed with the troubleshoot service

6. Collection

Self collection upon machine ready