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Black & White Roasted Coffee Beans
  • $26.00

Roasted and produced in Milan, Italy. This coffee is balanced with a sweet, lingering scent.

Black & White beans feature a balanced flavour that highlights the coffee's sweetness and aroma,

bringing a smooth and velvety coffee finish for a truly enjoyable time.

This features a blend of 5/5 aroma, 4/5 body, 3/5 acidity, 5/5 sweetness.



[Iced Hazelnut Coffee]

2 Tsp- Hazelnut syrup
120ml- Pitti Caffè Black & White coffee
60ml- Cold milk
1 Cup- Ice

1. Add ice and hazelnut syrup to glass.
2. Add in cold milk.
3. Brew coffee and add to glass.
4. Serve and enjoy.

Colombia, Brazil, Ethopia, Tanzania, India, Guatemala and Indonesia

Black & White coffee beans complements well zesty and savoury food items.

Cream cheese toast and lemon meringue tarts work well with smooth and strong flavours of the coffee. It would not overshadow the complex flavours of savoury and sour, yet potray hints of chocolate

Medium Roast

90% Arabica Coffee Beans

Black & White comes in 2 packaging, 1kg and 500g pack, 500g is also known as E-Intenso.