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Making your favourite coffee in your office
Making your favourite coffee in your office

Rise and at 7am before all the hustle and bustle throughout the day is the normal schedule of an office worker. Normally one would not sacrifice that extra 10 minutes of extra sleep for breakfast at home, especially when the office pantry can provide some basic breakfast. Everything is working fantastic until you drank the unsatisfying coffee from office coffee machine. It is so disappointing that you wish you can rewind time to get your own coffee from the convenience store downstairs.

However, office coffee does not have to taste mediocre. In fact, they can exceed your expectation and make the day great. In order to do so, there’s a few steps for adjustments so that you get excellent coffee. Firstly, you have to see what kind of coffee machine does your office provides, is it capsule or coffee beans machine? Usually if your capsule coffee taste bad, it might be due to the flavours lost as it is being grounded and repacked into smaller servings which lost its original taste. The logical solution is to change the brand of capsule you are using.

On the other hand, for fully automate coffee beans machine, it might have been due to several reasons. Do check that if beans container is sealed or left open over the weekend, as coffee beans tend to get stale exposing to air for too long.  This is also why we always recommend customers not to overfill the beans. After checking for the beans, you might also want to check if your machine is adjustable according to your taste. Some of the default settings might serve diluted coffee or too something that is too strong of a flavour. For fully automated beans to cup coffee machine machines, you are able to adjust the coffee/milk/water settings while it is dispensing, making the cup of beverage customisable for everyone’s palate.

After making adjustment for all those necessary, you need not have to waste time and money to go to coffee shops!

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