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Necta - Koro Prime

Superior technology to satisfy every need
If it’s style and sophistication you’re looking for, Koro Prime is your answer. It is derived from Necta's technology, and produces hot drinks services of a superior quality, with an extensive menu to satisfy every taste.

The Koro Prime consists of a patented coffee brewer, volumetric doser and perfect extraction, it is able to produce the best Italian espresso.
Koro Prime offers excellent coffee and a variety of other hot beverages, including frothy cappuccino and creamy hot chocolate.

The new high-performance milk management system ensures the perfect dose every time, creating high-quality drinks that combine fresh milk with authentic Italian espresso.

Simple and stylish
The Koro Prime is well-known for its style and simplicity. It is easy to use, with a simple display and conveniently situated touch sensitive selection panel, helping the user to choose their preferred beverage.

It also offers a wide drinks menu and can offer up to eight different drinks, and through their versatility they are at home in any situation.

The Koro Prime is small in size and light, perfect for those looking for a more transportable, versatile coffee machine.


  • 1 bean option with 2 powder canisters
  • Up to 8 choices of beverage
  • Sleek outlook with easy navigation
  • Lighted panel suitable even in dark environment
  • Water piping option available
  • Suitable for Offices where minimal fresh milk cleaning

Koroprime specs​​​​​​​