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-we take care of your coffee needs-

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-Our Coffee Machine Selection- 

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| Customised Coffee Volume based on user preference |

| Patented Brew Unit System ||Accurate Grinding System |

| Large Bean Container || Fast Dispensing time |



-Our Coffee Beans Selection- 

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In Pitti Caffe Asia, we understand your needs. From Robusta to Arabica Coffee Beans Selection,
preferences of Smoky, Well-Balanced blends. Smooth with Fruitiness, Sweet Notes after taste.
We are confident there's one that suits YOU !

Paring coffee with your favourite healthy bites of the day in mind shouldn't go too far wrong.
Don't worry if you are new to coffee, we focus specially on the flavour profiles different beans can offer,
for someone just getting into coffee, a lighter roast selection is a great way to start off.  

There's no different between espresso and regular coffee beans. If you're wondering why ther're
labelled differently, its simply because of the brew method. 


WHY RENT A MACHINE from Pitti Caffe Asia?
Peace of Mind | One stop coffee solution | Tailored Plans| Complimentary Services at no extra cost |
Reliable & Friendly Customer Support | Complimentary delivery & installation | Technical support | On-site training 
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WHY PURCHASE A MACHINE from Pitti Caffe Asia?
Ownership | No Contractual to sign | 12 months standard factory warranty*|
| Complimentary delivery & installation |
Special price on consumables* T&C apply
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We catered one-stop solution short term rental plans for event [ seminar / workshop / tradeshow ]
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Pitti Caffe Asia ' Sustainability Road Map

Environmental sustainability is the resposibilty to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and wellbeing, now and in future. Our mission is built on 3 key factors, Pitti Caffe Asia alongside our suppliers are committed to take on this challenge in developing 100% recyclable or 100'% compostable packaging to reduce wastage, without compromising innovative approach. On a day-to-day operation we encourage a sustainable culture on all levels. Recycling habits, waste avoidance, ecofriendly cleaning products, recyclable paper/paperless office environment. Respect and support for all people on all levels. Fair pay and economic stability and a safe, clean, content working space where all can thrive regardless of culture or beliefs.


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